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When To Seek Marriage Counselling

Divorce rate on a record high today and it is quite alarming. No one is ready to work on their marriages anymore and at the realization that marriage is not what they thought it to be, they decide to go for divorce. Nowadays people don’t stay married for long because they are looking for something else. Those who decide to divorce earlier might have less baggage to carry as compared to those who stay longer and have kids then they have to deal with custody battles. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be the case. Marriage counseling and therapy is the solution and if more people embraced it, the divorce rate would not be so high. Consider the following to determine when you should start seeking marriage counseling.

Another situation that requires marriage counseling is when you realize that communication in your home is very negative. If you seem to agree on anything you talk about, there is something terribly wrong that needs to be looked into. If you ignore this situation, you will realize that nothing will go well again because it will all continue to go downhill. This is how you find people go through both emotional and physical abuse. The good news is that if you go for marriage counseling and the right one, and you can stop it from going any further.
An affair is something many marriages are not able to recover from. The betrayal is too painful to forgive and most people cannot really recover from this because every time you see your partner, that is all you will be thinking about. There are marriages which have come out of this and even stronger because they have sought help from a marriage counselor. It will be almost impossible o try and reconcile your marriage without the help of a counselor. This is where therapy comes into play. There are so many things as a married couple you will need to overcome and with the right therapy, you will be able to come out of this too.

Marriages come to a point where you become like roommates and not a married couple. All you do is share a house but don’t feel that connection anymore. Because there is no communication, no one is having a conversation anymore. You are a married couple but you have no intimacy. Worse still, you might find that only one person is making an effort but their spouse just doesn’t care.

Marriages can still be salvaged and they don’t have to end. You just have to be careful when choosing a marriage counselor to get the best. Consider their location so that you can be going for therapy easily. Do your research before making the final choice.

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