How to Properly Use a Car Scratch Remover Kit

A scratched car does not make for an attractive car. When a car has been scratched, owners are sometimes forced to pay hundreds of dollars for a body shop to take care of the damage. Thankfully, there is a DIY approach available. Using a car scratch remover kit will allow car owners to take care of the damage that was done to their car so they can fully restore its beauty. With this information, owners will know how to properly use these kits.

Two Types of Kits Take Care of Car Damage

There are two main types of kits that can be purchased to take care of car scratches. If an owner runs their fingers over the scratch and cannot feel anything, this means damage has only been done to the clear coat. Clear coat damage can be taken care of with a polishing kit that simply buffs the minor scratches away and restores the shine. This is the easiest method of taking care of damage.

If the scratches are deeper, meaning they can be felt when running the fingers over the finish or the metal can be seen, further intervention will be needed. These scratches require the use of touch-up paint which should be applied using a special micro-tipped car paintbrush. When choosing a touch-up paint, it is essential the color is matched precisely so the repair blends in seamlessly with the paint job and looks professional.

How to Get Started

To get started on correcting the damage done, it is important the area is first carefully cleaned to remove any dirt and debris that might be present. If the scratch is minor, a buffing cloth and polishing kit can be used to gently buff away the damage and blend the clear coat so the area no longer appears scratched.

If touch-up paint needs to be used, it should be applied in thin layers, using small amounts of paint. Too much paint could result in a repair job that looks messy and obvious. Carefully applying the paint and blending it effectively will offer the best results and prevent the repair job from looking too noticeable.

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